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In the mid 1960’s, Dan Gurney contracted Weslake Engineering in Rye, Sussex, to develop new aluminium cylinder heads for the then new, lightweight, small block Ford 289 engine, which was being used with considerable success in Ford Falcon, Mustang, and Shelby Cobras on race tracks throughout the world.

The engine had potential to perform in single seaters at Indy, and so development was accelerated to produce radical new cylinder heads to liberate high power from the new Ford engine. The result, in 1965, was the Gurney Weslake Mk1 cylinder head .In Europe, the heads were marketed under the Gurney Weslake name, whilst in the American home market, they were sold under the Gurney Eagle banner. Soon the heads were upgraded and also sold as packages, and were campaigned successfully on Mercury Cougars of the period. Later with the advent of the successful GT40, they were homologated with an increase in engine size to five litres, or for GT40 FIA use.

Here at Knight Racing, we have become well known for the performance of our Gurney Weslake engines, an example of which is fitted on occasion to the FIA AC Cobra ‘GPG’ of Grahame Bryant. This car has been campaigned successfully by Grahame & Bill Shepherd, and more recently, Grahame & his son Ollie.

When an opportunity arose to purchase the last remaining unfinished castings from Gurney’s All American Racers, the potential of using modern technology to get around the problems of racing these old, and often fragile, castings was irresistible.

We have contracted a specialist to engineer the heads ‘in reverse,’ writing a CNC program to machine the raw castings in a Haas CNC centre. The result is a much more consistent, accurate, yet original Gurney Weslake head, ready to produce more power & performance than Dan Gurney ever dreamed of.

We are able to supply either pairs of assembled cylinder heads, or even full kits to convert any 289 / 302 Ford engine using either a Holley, or IDA Weber carbs. Customers are able to purchase the heads fully ported, and flow tested, on a SuperFlow flow bench. Of course, ultimately, we can now supply 100% completely new Gurney Weslake Fords for GT40’s, and other suitable vehicles.

We also are able to supply all associated parts, such as pistons, camshafts & T&D rocker arm set ups, either as supplied, or updated using the benefit of our experience in running very high power, competitive, reliable Gurney engines.  

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